About Us

At Jack’s Pie, you wont find the Italian pizza, nor the American pizza. Here, you will find only the most authentic and traditional Egyptian pies… Where Pizza started! The light goodness of freshly made pastry, complimented by the freshest of ingredients to bring you some of the healthiest and tastiest Egyptian authentic pies. We also offer a wide range of wraps and sweet pies that will definitely get your taste buds to beg for more. Come into our restaurant to experience the air of everything Egypt and try our most authentic of foods… made by the one and only Jack himself!

Catherine Elizabeth Chalker

“This place makes amazing pies! Reasonably priced and the quality is brilliant! I’m definitely going again, the staff were so nice and friendly we felt really well looked after!.”

Alwena Evans

“The food is amazing and the staff is so welcoming and friendly and you had mint tea as you was waiting for you food free of charge and the place looks so funky really enjoyed it will definitely go back there.”

Josh John

“Can’t recommend this place enough, amazing atmosphere and the food is incredible! I had the grilled chicken flying pie and a strawberry and nutella dessert. All freshly made in store and it tasted amazing, top job guys!”

Ethan O'Connor

“Where do I start with Jacks Pie. Firstly, the food at the place was fresh, tasteful and very appetising. Secondly, the service at this place was irreplaceable. All staff at Jacks pie were very talkative and welcoming. The atmosphere provided by both food and service was up-beat and very fun. Would highly recommend this place to everyone who wants some fresh and tasty food.”